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Moving from Home to Home

Taking Your Pet

Neuadd Drymmau (South Wales) 2012: with variety of residents' pets (plus a sheep and goat)

Owls Barn (Lincolnshire) 2012. Run from its beginning with pets.

When choosing a new home at any point in our lives, being able to take pets is often a pre-requisite.

These videos show that residential care homes can provide an alternative home for both owner and pet. 

Applegarth Home (Maidenhead/Windsor) 2012: two stories of people who wouldn't move without their pets. Also 'Pets Day' where the Activities Organiser and volunteer explain benefits of visits by an array of animals including a Chinese Water Dragon.

Dunster Lodge (overlooking Bristol Channel and Exmoor National Park) 2013: Volunteers take the residents' dogs out for a daily walk (Cinnamon Trust), and how one resident's dog helps those with memory loss.

Westergate, Goodwood, West Sussex 2013: A resident explains how he chose to live at Westergate with his dog.'Sparky' acts as a 'pat dog' for those in the dementia part of the home.

Here's the exceedingly nice miniature therapy donkey, Mr Kipling, at work with elderly and dementia care-home residents. We think his work is amazing and proves just how innovative care homes can be.

Rotherbank, Hants 2012: How pets can help creating a home. A volunteer, resident and her dog have their daily walk. A farm brings its animals for everyone to meet. 

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