about Pets in Residential Homes 

"My mum moved into a residential home. She loves her home but says that she misses having a pet. Throughout her life she always had cats and dogs. She chose to move into a residential home, but assumed that she wouldn't be able to bring her cat. So she gave her companion to a neighbour, and has never seen it again. While her memory has gets worse, she still continues to ask whether she could have her own pet."


So what do residential homes provide? Some are able to support residents in keeping their pets, while others provide 'pet friendly' settings where residents can still have loving contact with others animals?


This pilot questionnaire is being completed by residential homes during July 2017, mostly, though not exclusively by homes in Bristol, UK. 


Also Striking films will be talking with residents about what they think.


The results of this questionnaire (and the video interview project with residents) will be shared by those homes who have taken part and more widely distributed on the internet. This will raise awareness of what residents would like, and the range of alternatives that are/can be provided. Some homes may take up the good ideas and practices, and develop them further.

The Questionnaire 5-10 minutes

If you would like to take part, the questionnaire will take 5-10 minutes to complete. A summary of the results will be distributed after the closing date of 31st July and appear on this website.

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